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Industrial Lighting (Pvt) Ltd

Industrial lighting (Pvt) Ltd provides alternative, world class electrical and Electronics solutions to the African market. The growing use and development in Electrical and electronics, coupled with the shortage of electrical energy and rising costs, make it imperative that consumers switch to more efficient systems and equipment. Industrial Lighting (Pvt) Ltd was thus formed to provide appropriate Electrical solutions that save money and energy, reduce environmental pollution and improve people’s lives. It provides customized solutions and equipment to industry that efficiently meet requirements in processes and applications.


Home of Electrical and Solar Products

Home of Electrical and Solar Products

Philips phototheray lamp


Price: $ 22.00 In Stock: (4)

Antitheft Powersnap

Antitheft mounting clips

Price: $ 1.50 In Stock: (250)

5.5 HP AC Subpump

5.5 HP AC

Price: $ 480.00 In Stock: (5)